Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Memories from the rocks

Looks like I'm still alive...so here it is a photo summary of a few days on a cliff. Not so many fishes but an unforgettable experience out of the society. I hope images will talk for me because I don't feel very much like writing :(

Pare che io sia ancora vivo...dunque ecco un riassunto fotografico di alcuni giorni in scogliera. Non molti pesci ma un' esperienza indimenticabile lontano dalla società. Spero che le immagini parlino per me perchè non ho molta voglia di scrivere :(

Only a couple of  bonitos for me :( one came back to the sea, the other one ended up in a pan... 

...hungry uh?

Thanks to my mates for the beautiful pictures...I'm not sure who they belong to...


  1. Hey Federico, good stuff. Any idea what camera was used for these? Point-and-shoot or a smartphone?